• Out Patient Department (OPD): Usual working hours 8:30am-4:30pm with the 24 hours emergency services.
  • In Patient Department (IPD): Contains 20 beds, 4 cabins with 2 dedicated Septic & Aseptic eye OT.
  • Out Reach Program (ORP): Intensive eye camps for hard to reach & poorest community with free cataract surgery facilities for the destitute patients.
  • Satellite Clinics/ Vision Centers: To ensure the accessible, affordable &  continuous  community based eye care
  • Childhood Blindness Prevention Program:  Free eye screening & orientation session for the school teachers & students on eye problems common in children.
  • Disability Rehabilitation Program: Addressing the intensive services related to disability, treatment, rehabilitation & community based awareness raising through arranging camps.


  • Well trained and skilled doctor, optometrist and nurse.
  • Eye screening through modern and latest equipment.
  • Surgery by experienced and skilled eye surgeon.
  • All types of facilities for eye screening and allied test.
  • Separate modern operation theatre for cataract surgery.
  • Well equipped and modern operation theatre for duct surgery.
  • Optic fitting by well trained staff. And produced in own factory.
  • Supply both foreign and local medicine at low cost.
  • Conjugal impressive and neat and clean environment.
  • Well maintenance of Patients Record using Integrated Hospital Management Software (IHMS).
  • Special services for women, children and adolescent girls.


  • One Stop & Every Day Hospital in round the year for complete eye care solutions in the district.
  • Recognized as only one full pledge eye hospital, and the major eye centers in the 17 upazila of mentioned region.
  • Has several creditable achievements such as suture less Cataract Surgery (both the SICS & phacoemulsification), No G. Anaesthesia Cataract Surgery.
  • All types of duct and other minor eye  surgery in the town surgeries, highly skilled optical  section with on spot spectacle delivery with in very short time.
  • Annual performance of high volume cataract surgeries among the other eye care providers including the govt. hospital in the district. It also perform the unique micro cataract surgery (suture less SICS and Phaco) for both the disadvantages and advantage groups
  • The hospital with a special emphasis on poor women and children, provide preventive & curative quality eye health care for all at low and compensated cost in the area.
  • In KEH poorest women and patients of disability group are provided with subsidized/free cataract surgery and spectacles
  • Neat, clean, calm-quite, and healthy environment


  • Inpatient (IPD)
  • 24 hours hospital services
  • Separate ward, cabin and toilet facilities for male and female patient.
  • Specialized cataract surgery through computerized technology (Phaco).
  • Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS).
  • All types of orbital surgery.
  • Glaucoma surgery.
  • Others eye related surgery.
  • Hospital Transport Facilities.
  • Canteen Services.


  • Phacoemulsification
  • Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS)
  • Intra capsular Cataract


  • Very simple, painless and injection free cataract surgery.
  • Patient can easily move to his or house just after the surgery.
  • Patient will recover within 7 days of the surgery
  • Suitable for diabetic and glaucoma patient.
  • Surgery for the poor patient at free of cost.


  • Patient can be cure within one month of the surgery.
  • No need to use heavy spectacles.


  • OPD is open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm
  • 24 hours service for the emergency patients


All types of eye examination and service facilities before surgery.

  • Refraction Error Identification and its management.
  • Vision error identification, treatment and prescription.
  • Instant spectacle preparation and sale from own optical factory

REFRACTION FACILITIES: Vision error identification, treatment, prescription and correction.

CONTACT LENS CLINIC: This service is especially focused for the persons who are not willing to use spectacles and fashion favoured.

LOW VISION CLINIC: Specialized for the patient with low vision.


  • Kishoreganj Eye Hospital has its own pharmacy shop to easy and low cost purchase by the patients.
  • All types of required medicines are available here.
  • All types of foreign and local medicine are available here.

OPTICAL SHOP AND SERVICE: Experienced optic technicians prepare spectacles as per need of the patients and supply accordingly.


  • Kishoreganj Eye Hospital has a specialized outreach team to organize eye camps in the rural areas regularly for easy access of rural women of all age group who otherwise can not come to the base hospital directly.
  • In the eye sight screening camp consultation, treatment and identification of cataract patients are done.
  • All identified cataract patients are transported to base hospital for surgery. Poorest Women and adult elderly males are provided with free surgery.

Main purpose of this program is to early detect the eye sight problems or any other eye complications to the children and take measures to overcome the problems through proper treatment. Under this program KEH provide free of cost sight testing, refractive error identification, refraction test & provide spectacles and refer the critical students to the base/tertiary hospital for higher treatment.

KEH also provides awareness raising orientation to school teachers, parents and SMC members to make them aware about the common eye diseases, causes, service required and need of early detection of eye sight problems of children.

Occupational health is one of the major compliance issues in the human resource market. Among the broader scope of Health Safety Issues in the work Place the eyesight have significant impact on human life quality and standard.
Programme Objectives:

  • Prevention and control of occupational eye complications and avoidable blindness
  • Enhance life quality and job satisfaction both for workers and their family through eye care services and awareness raising
  • To enhance easy, accessible and affordable services for factory workers group and  gender
  • Scope with VISION 2020 goal for eradicating the needless blindness due to avoidable eye diseases and conditions is achieved.