About Us


NUK established its first Eye Care Programme in 2003 in Agarosindhur Community Hospital with particular focuses on rural women and girls blindness prevention and economic empowerment. This programme has been shifted to an independent, specialized secondary eye Hospital in Kishoreganj district in 2006 titled as Kishoreganj Eye Hospital. Kishoreganj Eye Hospital (KEH) is a secondary eye care provider in greater Kishoreganj district, endow with the high quality eye care to the 3.2 million rural folk’s dense seventeen upazilas of Dhaka Division is about 110 km away from the capital. This 26 bedded hospital is build up in 14 May 2006 at the rural areas with the financial and strategic supports from CBM, Germany. KEH is engage to promote the community ophthalmology to achieve the Vison2020 goals declared by WHO. The hospital has always been at the forefront of every community based ophthalmic care in Kishoreganj has several firsts to its credit. KEH is engaged in conducting frequent outreach eye camps, free vision screening and awareness rising on eye programs for school children, under privileged folks focusing on rural women and girls of all age group and doing large no. of cataract surgeries, for reducing avoidable blindness and early childhood blindness from the region, KEH developed an excellent team of skilled mid-level ophthalmic staff,  ophthalmologist and surgeons, to assist in its growth plans.

VISION: To eliminate all avoidable and preventable blindness from the Kishoregonj district.

MISSION: Prevention & Control the Avoidable Blindness through providing the high quality eye care services at the grass root level in Bangladesh.


  • Provide an inclusive eye care facilities for under privileged and privileged population through base hospital and camps.
  • Ensure the quality and low cost ere care   services (70% lesser than the usually private practitioners)
  • Scope with VISION2020 aim for eradicating  the needless blindness due to avoidable eye diseases  and conditions
  • Easily accessible and affordable services for all age groups and gender away from the metropolitan area
  • Awareness raising and community mobilization

Founder of the Hospital:

Executive Director, NUKMashuda Khatun Shefali is the visionary of the Kishoreganj Eye Hospital (KEH), the founder Executive Director of Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK), (Centre for Women’s Initiatives) established in 1991.

Inspiration behind this hospital was that at her age of 20, while she was the student of the Jahangir Nagar University, her mother Sufia Khatun had a severe head injury. As a result, her mother was semi paralysed, deformed in the right side of her face as well as her eye sight got very poor. At that time there was no Ophthalmologist or any eye hospital nearby for her mother’s proper treatment. Lastly she all alone by herself took her mother to Dhaka for proper treatment. She contacted Islamia Eye Hospital, but there was no place to stay in Dhaka. As a student, she had gone through a hardship for her mother’s condition, travelling from village to Dhaka, which was expensive and difficult to find suitable accommodation facilities to keep her mother in Dhaka for treatment for a long period.

That made her determined that there should be facilities and services available for village people to have access into general health and eye health care. Since then she guided herself with this dream. After 15 years, she established Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK), a gender equality and human rights organization and prompted to initiate the Agaroshindur Community Hospital  (established as general health care and maternal health care service provider now a integrated eye health care service provider as Agaroshindur Sufia-Aftab Eye Hospital) and then after 4 years Kishoreganj Eye Hospital (KEH) opened its door for eye health care services at Kishoreganj for providing quality and affordable eye care services for 3.5 million population of Kishoreganj district in rural Bangladesh.